Welcome fellow Explorer…

Welcome fellow explorer.

I’ve commited my life to skipping away from mediocrity and kicking beige-ism to the curb.  I recommend it.  It’s really exciting, every day, and a metric shit-ton more fun.


Let me be crystal sparkling clear.  This is not blowing smoke up your ass, you’re here for a reason:

You ARE a brilliant, funny, genius.  You HAVE what it takes to succeed.  You CAN and you WILL reclaim your awesome real authentic self and you BLOODY WELL BETTER.


We ALL have sometimes thought “there must be more to life than this”.  But for some of us it lingers, and we start to wonder if we’re not normal.

Well, you’re NOT normal. But hey, neither are we. Let’s play. (abnormal is good, trust me)

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We drift through life, doing OK but never reaching the potential we know deep down is there.  Not the kind of potential teachers used to talk about, but our real purpose in life.

We drift until we find a place that seems OK, that we can accept for longer, and then we stagnate.  We are out of flow with life.   We know this, but every single time the pain of staying the same seems more than the pain of change, we find out that the pain of change is a helluva lot worse than they made it sound.

‘Get out of your comfort zone’ they said.  ‘Just push your boundaries’ they said.

But it feels like you’re drowning in uncertainty

…not just feeling ‘discomfort’.

The truth is that it feels like you’re losing someone you love.  Awful, nagging, dread.  Painful, heartbreaking loss.  And why on earth would we do that to ourselves ON PURPOSE?  So back we go to our ‘old’ easy selves and change is ‘too hard’. And then the cycle continues.

Until you make a decision that it doesn’t.


And when you do that, know that joy, excitement, feeling in the flow, magic, happiness and serendipitous wonderful things CAN BE YOURS.  Is that a relief to read?  Or does it scare you, just in case you can’t get there?

I completely understand.  In fact, helping and supporting people who’ve finally, bravely made that decision and will not back down from it, no matter what, is my purpose in life.  Actually – bringing joy, magic, excitement and adventure into people’s lives is my purpose in life.

I do that by supporting the brave and courageous (and totally fed up) – lighting the way ahead, and then holding your hand as I guide you through the downs and ups of whatever your path to getting there is.


Are you done with all your crap?  Are you ready to accept a new reality for you?  Are you ready to cast off all your old stories and victim mindsets?  I knew it.  Glad to have you here.

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