I see you, savvy phenom. It’s time to uplevel – but, with a big GRIN on that beautiful face of yours…

You can have what you want. Simple as that, really.


You don't need to start over.




There's never been a better time to finally let yourself grab that big dream by the love handles and get it ripped and HUGE (not sure about that analogy, but work with me), than right now - of course.


It's time you KNEW what you're uniquely capable of.

It's time to DECIDE what you WANT, and how you want to show up.

All you need, is to reveal the leader/warrior/speaker/badass/queen/sovereign/(WHOEVER), ALREADY RIGHT THERE WITHIN YOU.


Find out exactly what your recipe for that secret sauce is and start pouring it on thick.


Claim all your abilities, your knowledge and experience. You are no upstart, no newbie, no beginner. You've already done your time pulling all-nighters, being the first response, putting the mission first, the patient first - however that's looked for you. Keep learning new things, sure, but there's no need to start over on the bottom rung every single time.


CLAIM your identity as a game-changer, a leader, a doyenne, an authority.


We need YOU.


The real you.



More than ever, you are needed to be YOU.

// I'm right there with you, I don't even pretend to bother with the status quo anymore, mainly because I don't know how and it doesn't work for me. I'm willing to be me. I show up as a joyful, playful, Artemis - with bonus tangental waffle and great gasps of epiphany, warrior-like reality checks and an unhealthy penchant for fish & chips. That'll do for now - or a instagram/twitter bio or something. (Psst, I'm not so flash at those, either.)


So! Where to begin? You can book a call with me and we'll see how I can help you...(below) or - how about joining the I AM challenge, where we SLAY that nasty bitch voice in your head and define who the woman is that you really are. (a little further below)


Just until the end of November, book your 30 minute slot now as they're limited! If you're ready to truly transform... I encourage you to book now. I have availability for ONE more lovely this year, for a very special beta program....



  • Most starting entrepreneurs are clueless when it comes to determining what they’re wanting to do. Sure, they have an elevator speech, but can’t streamline thirty seconds of monologue into two or three words that exemplify what they do, without the need for further explanation.  

    Mariska helped me, very early on, come up with key ideas that are necessary for me to communicate my business and partnership style.  She is a dream to work with, there is much laughing and encouragement! After our first session I walked away with a much better idea of the VALUE I’m providing, not just the service.  This is key.  By better understanding the value I’m providing, the empowerment I ignite, I’m better able to tell my clients exactly what they’ll get, and be able to earn what I deserve (by setting prices that reflect the value the client receives).  Not only am I empowering my clients profoundly, (as Mariska and I determined) but I’m empowered to move forward, clearly, in my business.  Working with Mariska is eye-opening and business changing.

    Skitch Lindsay Fischer – Author, Speaker, Survivor & Advocate
  • What can I say about Mariska? How can I distill this bountiful energy of joy into a review, into a testimonial? Let’s face it, I can’t, but I’ll bloody well try!

    Mariska showed me the truth of the word authenticity, she showed up, opened up and let me step into an embrace that told me ‘you are safe here’.  She gave me space to do the same: Show up and open up.  It was like she had the only key ever cut to the dark corners of my truth that had been shut away for so, so long.  When I opened my mouth to answer her questions it wasn’t my human brain doing the talking but my heart and soul.  They spoke, they told me all of the secrets of myself, through the medium of Mariska.

    Working in your zone of genius is easy and Mariska is the epitome of that.  She seems so at ease, simply sitting at the other end of the call reflecting everything that you need to know about yourself in order to step up, to transform.  I’d been told my life purpose before in no uncertain terms, but this was a magical process, full of passion, laughter, soul connection and some moments of pure lunacy that we all need to keep us grounded.  I walked away from our work together with an even deeper knowing that I was important in this world, I walked away shining, glowing and with unlimited contentment and possibilities wrapped around me.  

    If you haven’t already hired this woman you NEED to.  Not for yourself, but for that soul of yours, you are a spiritual being in a physical experience and Mariska can put that into perspective for you.  Thank you so much for our time together Mariska. I will never, ever forget it.

    (8) Fifi Scarlett Fifi Scarlett – Spiritual & Business Mentor, Writer
  • I enjoyed Unfurl so very much.  It is beautifully thought out and written and facilitated such a deep level of personal insight without ever descending into mawkish navel-gazing.

    I still have to finish a couple of the modules, but one of my favourite things is that doing the work enables me to recognise my strengths in an empowered way.  So I can say “Oh yes! I DO have that” without ever feeling embarrassed or cringey.  That’s a very special gift – to help people acknowledge and own their strengths through self-directed and supported analysis.

    It is all too easy to read a book and think “well yes, of course I am like that” or “that’s a good idea, I’ll do that” – but when you’ve finished it, you haven’t changed and you only remember little bits…

    Mariska has created something that stays with you, changes you, can be revisited so you can keeo up with your changes, and that generally highlights your awesomeness!

    Now, having said all of the above about her utter intellectual brilliance and leadership skills – it’s worth also mentioning that she is a kind, funny, warm, entertaining, thoughtful, sporty and generally an upstanding example of a human being and all-round wonderwoman!

    Skitch Karen Quinn – Fragrance Inventor, Innovator & Healer Extraordinaire

The I(dentity) AM challenge

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