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As a purpose and transformational facilitator and mentor, my job is to have you fully and completely confident in your purpose and excited (and profoundly capable), in going after your massive vision.  

You become aware that you CAN make your biggest dreams come true, and you cannot become unaware of it – and, voila! It’s then an unshakeable belief.  

I go deep and help you transform how you think about yourself, your perception of the world around you, and any perceived challenges you may be facing so you can change your strategy and own the living shit out of how awesome you are.  Not to put too fine a point on it.

I guide you to the awareness of what you’re capable of.  

How you see yourself is completely transformed.

We ALL have sometimes thought “there must be more to life than this”.  Even when, on the outside, things are going wonderfully well.

We drift through life, doing extraordinarily well and achieving great things but never reaching the potential we know deep down is there.  Not the kind of potential teachers used to talk about, but our real purpose in life.

We drift until we find a place that seems OK, that we can accept for longer, and then we stagnate.  If you’re anything like me, that stagnation feels like a kind of death of my soul.  I’ll do almost anything to get out of it.

‘Get out of your comfort zone’ they say.  

Discomfort is something we need to grow and learn and be better, get better.  But it can feel a helluva lot worse than just ‘uncomfortable’.

If you’re making a big change, it can feel almost as bad, as losing someone you love.  Awful, nagging, dread.  Painful, heartbreaking loss.  No wonder ‘getting uncomfortable’ isn’t as easy as it sounds – why on earth would we do that to ourselves ON PURPOSE?  We may even go back to our ‘old’ easy selves and come up with an excuse to do whatever it is later. And then the cycle continues.

Until you make a decision that it doesn’t.

“WOW! Get ready to shine – and not stop laughing the whole way there! Are you ready to go to the place where the hairs stand up on the back of your arms? The heart stopping moment when you connect with the sheer magnitude of your brilliance what you have to offer the world… and boy do you have fun getting there!” – Katy Henry, Acupuncturist, Energy Healer & Business Owner

“….The minute we got on the call I knew that Mariska really knows what she’s at, with gentle love she coaxes your purpose and direction into the daylight. Not scary at all – amazing, energising and fun.”   – Sarah McKenna, Sarah McKenna Ceramics

When you do that, please know that joy, excitement, feeling in the flow, magic, happiness and serendipitous wonderful things CAN BE YOURS.

Is that a relief to read?  Or does it scare you, just in case you can’t get there?

I completely understand.  In fact, coaching and supporting whipsmart people who’ve finally, bravely made that decision and will not back down from it, NO MATTER WHAT, is part of my purpose in life.  Bringing joy, magic, excitement and adventure and an unshakeable belief in your ability to achieve your goals NO MATTER WHAT is part of my purpose in life.  Figuring out whatever needs figuring out along the way, NO MATTER WHAT, is another part of my purpose in life.

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You want your life to unfurl just as you want it to.

To know EXACTLY how and why that’s just as good for everyone else as it is for you. 

You are ready to get excited, REALLY excited about your big fuck off goals and make them your reality.


I knew it.  Glad to have you here.   Have a squizz around the site, but if you’d like to get to know me a little more, you can always send an email to mariska@mariskaanderson.com if you have any questions, or get in touch here.  If you’re interested in seeing how I can help you – jump on my calendar here and we’ll talk about it.   I don’t bite.  Unless you want me to.


Just kidding, I really don’t.


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See ya soon,

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